Tuesday, 6 September 2011

library meeting

today, go library than do nothing. wait for friend and go all the way to her house at amk blk 502. took me for like 15 min to reach there. damn! waste of time, she already at library sia, i still go search for her. found her at library. oh ya, in the morning, go jog wif ma at the park opp amk national library. so fun. haha! get to tease my ma. LOL. she dun like it. but than later, i met this pondan(podan means sissy, gay in malay) haha! LOL, i thought tat one is female(a lady) but then its a man! couldnt beleive my eyes cuz the face like girl! it 100% look like girl sia! idk wad to do so i wanna have a closer look. so i go near her than saw her face. btw, is it him or her but so far as i know it was awesome. so far so good yet pretty1 haha! LOL, so fun sia, but she stare at me juz now cuz i go buy epok epok(a malay food tat contains flour and potato) so far, nth happen to me cuz i scraed. i heard they say pondan if wanna fight they juz fight and dun care whatever will happen. cuz juz now i stare at her ma, tats why. But i finally realise tat some male guys juz cant behave like how a normal guy must behave. LOL!

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