Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Primary School Days

Primary school days are soooo different than secondary school days. the reason is cuz, compared to secondary school days, we get to slack and it doesnt matter if we dun have CCA. This are a few possible reasons why primary school days are fun:
1) it doesnt matter if u dun hav a CCA.
2) u dun hav to stress out when u hav exams cuz ur exam is only 4 subjects; english, maths, 2nd language, science
3) u get to go home earlier, probably abt 1-1.30pm cuz primary school is fun!
4) u get to go for many learning journeys.
5) primary school is smaller than secondary schools(some schools) and u wont get lost!(trust meXD)
Disadvantages of primary schools:
1) there are some CCA tat some of u like eg. Badminton but u cant cuz ur school probably dun offer unlike secondary schools!
2) there are some other limited items in primary school which is quite boring to some who are interested in an activity or subject.

I prefer secondary school days. but since imma startin' sec 1, so cut the crap. The adventure is just beginning.

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